Martha Shea

Certified Optimize Life Coach


Quick Hit Butt Kick Reboot

Are you a little stuck or having a tuff time getting over a hump or in a slump???  We all get there at times and this one hour coach session will reconnect you back to those tools that already exist inside you to get you over the hump , out of the slump and reconnected back to that best version of you and get you busy sharing your gifts to your family, community and the world.

Investment = $60.00

Soul-Force Stay the Course

Have you lost connection to your healthy habits or do you know what your number one self- care habit is?  In this 4- week time period, (four 1 Hour sessions)  I will help you reconnect back to those healthy habits and have you install or re-install your number one self care habit. I will also help you identify and delete the #1 kryptonite in your life that is getting in the way of you being your best self.  Let’s do this!!!

Investment= $200.00

Focusing on the Fundamentals - Creating a Masterpiece Day

If you were to wave a magic want and create your perfect day with Optimal energy – what would that look like?  In this 8 week time period, ( eight 1 hour sessions) I will help you get your energy right so that you can powerfully serve and live with virtue in your work and love.  I will help you identify and get present to  the gaps that currently exist in your fundamentals; eating, moving, sleeping, meditation, breathing, gratitude, presence so that you can prosper and move forward giving  your greatest gifts to the world in service of your family, community and world .  You will also have access during this time- period to all of the services that Quick Hit Yoga with Martha has to offer, including access to live zoom classes 7 days a week.

Investment:  $500.00

"What you can be, You must be"

Abraham Mazlo